Love piropo

Love Piropo

Yolanda Bertrán

Love Piropo is a dream come true for Yolanda Bertrán.
In 2011 she decided to set off her own adventure creating a women clothing firm.
The brand is inspired by the new contemporary bohemian trend.

The originality and exclusiveness of her flattering designs lead to
a very favorable reception. It boosted her dream to grow stronger creating
a high quality line for a wide range of lifestyles.

free & adventurous

Her source of inspiration is influenced by the Mediterranean roots and her love for the sea.
Her trips to remote places and her persistent pursuit of tribal and ethnic cultures
lead her to Indian gypsy settlements. All this life experience has
resulted in her endless imagination.

Her creativity manifests through colour combinations, patterns, textures, lace,
embroidery and handcrafted fabrics, all of which result in a clearly
female approach to Boho-Chic character.

joyful & refreshing

The brand’s identity depicts the carefully designed fabrics
and the comfortable and functional apparel. All garments  are made with
natural materials and handcrafted by traditional methods.

passionate & romantic

The Urban-Boho style collection from Love Piropo are conceived for a free-spirited and adventurous
woman, passionate and romantic, joyful and confident, comfortable in her own skin. A woman who enjoys fashion and loves life.

Love Piropo has over 200 points of sale in Spain, Portugal, France and the USA.
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